What classes does Venture offer?

Our highly structured and engaging curriculum includes all the core academic subjects—Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science—including some electives to prepare students for graduation. We utilize a variety of nationally-renowned textbook and media providers, and we encompass all learning styles.

Will I get a diploma through Venture?

All our classes are fully aligned with American national standards, and students can graduate with a US based high school diploma.

How is attendance determined?

Venture advises that students create and stick with a weekly study schedule to ensure that course work requirements are met. We suggest students schedule 5 hours per week for each course to stay on each semester’s track.

Can I drop or change a course?

Please discuss this with your enrollment advisor, who will be able to guide you through the process. Course changes can happen during the first week of the semester.

How many credits are required for graduation?

A minimum of 22 credits, earned in specific content areas, is required to earn a High School Diploma through Venture International Academy.

How many credits does each class give me?

Each course passed is worth one credit.

How many courses do students take at a time?

In most cases, new students are assigned six courses.

When I complete my course, can I add more?

You can only change courses within the first week of each semester. A course change fee may apply.

Is all Venture curriculum online?

Yes, all course curriculum, hyperlinks, resources, etc. are online and accessed when courses are launched within the Student/Parent Portal. Some classes require both online and offline work.

Does Venture offer summer classes?

Venture does not currently offer summer classes, but plans to offer summer school starting summer 2021.

How do I order transcripts?

Transcripts are not automatically provided to students. You can request your transcripts by emailing info@ventureonlineacademy.org.

Are Venture International Academy teachers certified?

Yes, all of our instructional staff are highly-qualified, certified teachers.

How will I be able to check in on my student’s grades?

Parents and guardians are able to log into the Student/Parent Portal, which allows parents and guardians to be as involved as necessary in their student’s academics. Through the Student/Parent Portal, parents and guardians can see grades, interactions with teachers, course announcements, missing assignments and easily determine if their student is on track or falling behind.